1550 Hero



Creating Distance

It’s what Mercury Racing sterndrives are known for. Whether it’s widening the gap between us and the competition in the water or the test lab, we think in terms of separation. Power, performance, reliability, efficiency or fun…it doesn’t matter. We won’t rest until we’re comfortably out front. And then, we won’t look back.


Unmatched Acceleration


Mercury Racing sterndrive power will put you out front, right from the start. Our 9-liter V8 Quad Cam/4 Valve (QC4) engines pump out eye-popping torque. Drop the throttles. Feel your boat lift and launch, like you’ve strapped a booster rocket on the transom. Need to feel more thrust? Sign up for astronaut school.

yellow black outboard

Top speed is the bottom line at the poker run and the race course, but winners reach peak terminal velocity first. Mercury Racing QC4 engines will slingshot you on plane and gone in a heartbeat. We’ve engineered these engines from the crankshaft up to deliver the broad powerband serious marine performance demands. Furious hole shot. Muscular mid-range. Blinding top speed.

Two Sterndrives

Experience nine liters of unrelenting performance. From the hard-punching 860 to the amazing Dual Cal 1350/1550, Mercury Racing offers a high-performance sterndrive package to match any boat, any budget and any appetite for power. Engineered to deliver peak marine performance with turn-key reliability you can count on. Every engine is backed by dedicated service and a rock-solid warranty. Mercury Racing sterndrives – we know Wide Open.

Ready to power up?

Mercury Racing sterndrives are unmatched in the industry. Get a quote for your custom power package - we're happy to connect you to our expert network.