Push Every Boundary

Mercury Racing pushes power and performance to the limit so you can live Wide Open. We leverage technology, experience and creativity to craft high-performance luxury marine products that will elevate every aspect of your experience on the water.


This new generation of Mercury Racing outboards is deep-breathing, high-winding, rugged and reliable. Each model is loaded with advanced design elements and Mercury Racing technology to go quicker, faster and farther than previously imagined.


Mercury Racing sterndrives define high-performance boating. Experience the unrelenting power and acceleration. The unrivaled speed. The stirring sound. The innovative technology and the steadfast reliability. Each unmatched in the industry. cadence of Mercury Racing sterndrive power.

Sterndrive and 450R

Cutting Edge

We transform raw emotion into horsepower.

Hand crafted Perfection


Performance refined--handcrafted to be durable, reliable and elegantly designed.


Our marine propulsion systems will take you faster and farther than ever before. 

An image with a man smiling will driving a boat with a black and red Mercury Racing 300R outboard with water in the background.